Veridian Pulse Oximeter Elite Unboxing

It is the middle of April and maybe you are still trying to hold to your new year’s resolution to get healthier.  This might help, I don’t know.  It certainly is an interesting little health-related gadget.  I bought the Veridian Pulse Oximeter Elite from Costco online after seeing it in a Costco email newsletter, and knowing I’ll be taking a flight soon, I’m curious what readings it will give me.  Costco’s website also sells a Premium model but doesn’t explain the difference between the Premium and Elite models.  The Elite model which I ordered is pricier. Amazon sells a cheaper model, the [amazon_link id=”B007W7TIYI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Deluxe[/amazon_link].

The Elite Pulse Oximeter from Veridian is a little gadget you put on your finger that is supposed to detect your heart rate and blood oxygen level.

This Oximeter might be useful when exercising or resting or travelling — or it might just be interesting.  I’m no doctor think this could be handy for a person who passes out at lower oxygen levels like on airplanes.

Time to Unbox the Item

The box is hard to open, and as I try to figure out how to get to the Oximeter, I read that the item is made in China.

The carrying case is accessible from the bottom of the box but the oximeter is accessible from the top of the box and is shipped inside it in a metal case. It comes with a disk that looks like it has been created at someone’s home computer.  According to the box, the software on the disk is PC compatible and for viewing results on the computer.

The device comes completely assembled.  It is bright Green and Gray, very compact and petite.  (The Premium was Orange and Gray, I believe.)

To use the device, it seems to be that you insert your finger in the clip and then turn it on.  The view screen is very basic but very clear.

I don’t know if it is accurate or precise enough for a person with an actual medical need, but I have a bit of fun breathing fast and then holding my breath and watching the readouts.

My wife already tried to wear it during a workout to see what it reported, but after about 6 minutes, she said the clip got too painful and removed it, so I don’t know about using it continuously.

I will experiment with the Pulse Oximeter and report back to you here soon with a review video.

Let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer or test ideas for the oximeter here!


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