Unboxing XJACKER PS3 Headset & Soniq Rush Amplifier Kit

I’m going to tell you about two items from XJacker: first is a Playstation 3 headset adapter and second is the Soniq Rush Gaming Amplifier kit.

The Headset adapter might help save money to use headphones you already have on PS3.  There is a cable included that connects from the back of your PS3 to your headphones. The box has an optional connector for the in-line microphone.  $19.99 retail, less currently on amazon.

The Soniq Rush Amplifier Kit has several similar parts with the Headset Adapter.  The only difference is the usb to micro usb cable and an amplifying box that allows you to modify bass.  It does not feel like high quality build, but if it works, it may be worth the $29.99, less currently on amazon.

No need to buy both since Soniq Rush includes everything in the Headset Adapter box.

I will test both of these out and let you know what I think of them.


Super Gadget Guy

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