Unboxing Motorola i1

Sprint PCS offers [amazon_link id=”B003VME0ZA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Motorola i1 [/amazon_link] phone that has push-to-talk feature.  This is an Android phone — the only one I know of — that has that feature.  Also, it has a military type design for ruggedness.

Standard charger with USB to micro USB.  It comes with an earpiece and Nextel Sim Card.  The phone itself is about the size of an [amazon_link id=”B0049UDYZU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]iPhone[/amazon_link].

There is a micro SD adapter to a regular SD adapter, which is a nifty addition.

The screen is somewhat small and there is no sliding keyboard.  The phone’s edge is rubberized.  Also, most of the buttons are covered as well and the jacks have rubber covers, so the phone is pretty well protected.  The case is also very hard to take off, but the instructions are there inside — inside the back cover.  That boggles my mind. I need them to open the back cover.  Once I’m in, I don’t need them any more.

The phone comes with 2 GB micro SD card, which is pretty skimpy since the others are at 8GB.

The battery is 1420 mAmp battery.

The phone does not come pre-charged.

The phone seems pretty responsive once it is plugged in.

Seems like a an phone but since the screen is flush with the case, I would worry about the ruggedness of the phone if you put it down on its face. Since its clearly marketed to people who are in physical jobs (like construction workers), I would worry about the longevity of this screen without adding an [amazon_link id=”B004FJUZIE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]additional rubberized case[/amazon_link] to it… which sort of defeats the purpose of the rubberized protection it already has.

What were the product design people thinking?  They seem to have wanted to build a rugged phone for a rugged lifestyle, but they forgot to protect the most vulnerable part — the screen!?!


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