Unboxing HTC Evo 4G from Sprint

The HTC Evo 4G is from Sprint and equivalent to Verizon Thunderbolt.  The packaging of this Android device is like a lunchbox.  Standard AC charger and micro USB cable included with the phone.

The phone itself has a kickstand, but unlike the Thunderbolt, the cable isn’t on the bottom so the kickstand is useful.

The color scheme is vibrant: front: black, back: white, and inside: red.

The phone feels pretty well-built.

The SD card is 8 GB Samsung micro-SD.  The battery is red like the phone and matches the interior.

Since the phone is on the Sprint 4G network, it is on the fastest network.

Immediately, when I turn it on, I can tell it is better than most other Android phones I’ve tested.

The screen is large and clear, much larger than the iPhone screen.

The phone seems pretty fast on first boot-up and has many apps pre-installed.

For a time, HTC Evo was the fastest phone on Sprint.  I like it.


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