Twelve Years in the Making: Unboxing Starcraft II

Wait over!

[amazon_link id=”B000ZKA0J6″ target=”_blank” ]Starcraft II[/amazon_link] is without doubt the most anticipated game release for me of the decade.  I’ve been waiting for this game since the release of [amazon_link id=”B00009ECD7″ target=”_blank” ]Starcraft[/amazon_link] 12 years ago.  That was a phenomenal strategy game – the best I’ve ever played.

Why the wait?

I don’t know.  Blizzard announced this follow-up game in 2000 or 1999.  The company kept announcing it and delaying it and announcing it and delaying it.  I worried several times that it would be lost in the vapor.


This game is receiving largely polarized reviews so far, in other words 5 stars or 1 star, with very few reviews in between.

Why 5 stars?

Blizzard is sticking with PC and has designed Starcraft II to work on PCs – even macs — rather than consoles first.  The game play of so many games designed originally for PC, such as Supreme Commander, moved to console and was ruined or dumbed down.  It’s good to see Blizzard stuck with this very popular game on PC platforms

Why 1 star?

Blizzard has put its own financial interests above the interests of the gaming community disabling LAN multiplayer games and preventing spawn installation.  Instead, players must have a consistent internet connection (and a legal copy of the game) to play multiplayer.  South Korea, a country that notoriously loves this game, also has excellent broadband support.  I suspect Blizzard will lose audience with this move.

Time to Unbox

The PC/mac hybrid disk box opens into a large art scene of a huge Starcraft battle.

In the box, the disk is in simple sleeve with the CD key. Also included are 10 day guest passes for World of Warcraft and Starcraft II and a Notepad.

For My Readers & Lurkers, Want a Guest Pass?

Post in the comments sections and tell me if you want a [amazon_link id=”B00063BLG8″ target=”_blank” ]WOW[/amazon_link] guest pass or a [amazon_link id=”B000ZKA0J6″ target=”_blank” ]Starcraft II[/amazon_link] guest pass and your email address and I’ll email the code to you.

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