Time for a Media Center Upgrade: Unboxing the 2010 Mac Mini

I bought this base model [amazon_link id=”B0013FK9U2″ target=”_blank” ]2010 Mac Mini (2.4GHz with 2GB) [/amazon_link]to be a media center computer with HDMI to the TV while running PLEX on it.  I also purchased a Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard to use with my media center.

Three Boxes to Get through First

  • The big brown shipping box has a MacConnection catalog and a smaller brown box inside.
  • Then, inside the smaller brown box is the white Mac Mini box.
  • The white Apple box shows the Mac Mini with a white background on the from and, on the back, the back of the Mac Mini and all its ports.  The side of the box states that the Mac Mini comes pre-installed with Mac OS 10 and iLife (doesn’t state version).

Note: After boot up the installed version of iLife is version 10 and not the latest the version 11. An upgrade version can be purchased from Apple by paying $9.99 shipping.

My first (and only?) Mac Mini

This computer is very much in line with the current mac look, with the same aluminum unibody look.  Also in the box is

  • the HDMI to DVI adapter in case you are using it with a monitor that doesn’t have HDMI or display port,
  • simple power cord (since the power brick is built in),
  • white Package “Everything Mac” containing install disks (not USB key like came with the MacBook Air), warranty information, and Apple stickers.

By sliding the bottom black panel, it opens easily, providing access to the memory ports for easy DIY memory upgrade.

That’s it: Simple, elegant.  It’s a mac.

Super Gadget Guy

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