Thor’s Arrival: Unboxing a German Shepherd Puppy

Yesterday morning and in the months leading up to it, we were giddy with excitement for that day, when we would go to the Delta cargo arrival building at SFO to pick up our seven week old female German Shepherd Puppy.

After tons of research and even driving many miles to meet other puppies in California from the Iowa breeder from whom we were interested in getting a pup, we sent our deposit and picked a litter, ending up in the last spot for a puppy in  the litter we favored.  Time passed as we heard about the pregnancy and then watched online for first pictures in those early days, and then had to grit our teeth and hope that the people ahead of us didn’t pick our first choice pup.

Relief and excitement was huge last week on the day we finally heard that everyone in front of us had picked and we were getting exactly the pup we would have chosen with first pick.

Yesterday, the day was finally here for her arrival and we were pretty excited.  She was sent to us in a crate through Delta cargo, so I thought I’d try to film the event and unbox her for you… it didn’t work out exactly as smoothly as other unboxings, but we did record some key moments.

She was tired and excited and surprisingly not too nervous, and my wife wanted to get her out of the crate right away, so my unboxing was a little out of the standard order I do things, but you still can get the idea, I think.

Since Thor had been on the airplane since morning (coming to SFO from Iowa with one plane change), it was important that we get her cleaned off and fed and rested.  Just shy of 2 months old at arrival, this was a big trip for a little pup!

We already had picked out her name — Thor — and so the first words she heard from us were “Hi Thor!”  which meant nothing to her, but, with those words, she was immediately part of our family.

Through the cage, we could see she was the beautiful pup we were expecting, but she was stinky from the journey and really unsteady on the water-soaked newspaper in her cage.  We know she was thirsty too, but she was too excited to drink the water we offered her.

We took her home and fed her. For the rest of the afternoon and all night, about every two hours, one of us took her outside to pee (if we were fast enough — which we weren’t every time).

We’re still pretty impressed with the shipping process.  The crate itself has several stickers saying it contains a live animal.  The shipping label is posted on the back of the cage.  The breeder taped paperwork and a few items on top for us, including AKC registration paperwork, a red harness, puppy vitamins, and some food.

The day after her journey, Thor is sleeping mostly, acting very much like a jet-lagged little 14.5 pound puppy.  We’re trying to crate-train her (use the crate to teach her not to potty in the house) as kindly and quickly as possible because, with both parents at 110 pounds, she will soon be much more than 14.5 pounds.  Thor is not a fan of crate-training, but we’re hoping it will pay off soon.

-Super Gadget Guy

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