Ignore the Specs & Just Try It: Reviewing the Speedy 11.6″ Air

We went to the Apple store to buy my wife the [amazon_link id=”B00487X27O” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]MacBook Air 11” [/amazon_link]the day after release day.  Although the screen is too small for me, the portability of this little laptop attract her.  We got the model with 128GB SSD and 2GB RAM.

I have to admit, I can’t keep my hands off it.  I’ve used it briefly and also brought it to work.  After some time with this little MacBook Air, three colleagues have bought Airs of their own.  (They did get 13” Airs however because they needed the screen space.)

What do I like about this laptop?

  • Size: it’s smaller than a magazine
  • Weight: her laptop bag weighs more
  • Speed: faster than my macbook pro
  • Resolution: display is excellent
  • And Very solid construction.

Still room for improvement with

  • Wasted space: seems like same case could support a bigger screen
  • Limited ports: No SD port; No eSATA
  • Almost impossible to upgrade: Memory is soldered on.

Two things that set the MacBook Air apart from competitor’s products are the fantastic resolution and typing surface that includes full size keyboard and huge touchpad.

When you look at the PC laptops out there, it seems that the PC makers are going for bigger screens with lower resolution.  Certainly, Apple isn’t going that way.  The resolution is paramount. As a result, with most websites designed for 1024 x 768, this computer can show everything.

Find a similar laptop that offers a full size keyboard.  I can’t.  Really, the keyboard has no compromise other than smaller function keys on top, making room below for a huge touchpad.  Even on Dell e400, the touch pad is half the size of the Air.

This [amazon_link id=”B00487X27O” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]MacBook Air 11” [/amazon_link]really is the perfect computer if you’re 80% of us.  It has one of the best screens I’ve seen on a laptop.  If you don’t believe the rumors about the speed, ignore all the specs on paper and just try it. It is fast.


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