Cideko Wireless Keyboard Review

I have mixed feelings about this little [amazon_link id=”B0058FAYP8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]3D keyboard from Cideko[/amazon_link].

I liked the:

  • 3D feature
  • dongle storage
  • Mac compatibility

The Wireless Keyboard’s 3D feature works surprisingly well.  I thought it would be hard to navigate, but it’s actually pretty good, certainly good enough to navigate icons for home theatre PC use, but nowhere near good enough for PC gaming.

Another thing I like is the receiver storage for the dongle. It is located in the back, making it easy to transport or store the receiver with its dongle without loss.

I tried it with a Mac even though it is built for PC and it worked.

I thought the product could be improved:

  • Add backlighting and/or keyboard bumps
  • Add on/off switch

There’s no backlighting or glowing keys so it is hard to see in the dark in a home theatre situation which is what I would use it for.  Also, the keyboard doesn’t have bumps on the f and j keys so you can’t find place in the dark with that either.

Another thing I wish it had is an on-off switch.  Basically, any 3D movement is interpreted as mouse movement and wakes it from sleep so when I move this between work and home, the battery gets run down.

If you have a home theatre PC or are building one, or like me, ordered a Raspberry pie, the [amazon_link id=”B0058FAYP8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Cideko Wireless Air Keyboard[/amazon_link] might be a good solution for you.


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