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Microsoft Aims to Dig at the “Surface” of Apple’s Success

Whether Surface will be a true competitor to Apple or Samsung is yet to be seen. Continue reading

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What Gadget Apple SHOULD have announced at WWDC 2012

I’ve dreamed up a device that I wanted Apple to release at WWDC 2012. If Apple isn’t on it, I hope they get on it soon, because no other company could do it better Continue reading

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Japan-only LaVie Z Ultrabook From NEC Preview (& Rant)

Regrettably, as long as computers like this remain available outside the U.S. only, I’ll remain an Apple user.
Continue reading

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MacBook Pro Predictions for June 11th Apple Release

The summer 2012 Apple release is only days away! What to expect? Continue reading

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Why I cancelled my pre-order of Sony Vita First Edition and Opted for Launch Edition

I was pretty excited when Sony showed off its next generation mobile gaming platform, the PS Vita, at E3 2011… Continue reading

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