April 3, 2010, iPad Release Day: Unboxing iPad Wi-Fi 64GB

Release Day

On April 3, 2010, Apple released the ipad, and I had one reserved at the local Apple store, a [amazon_link id=”B00365F6G4″ target=”_blank” ]Wi-Fi 64 GB[/amazon_link].  I picked it up as well as an [amazon_link id=”B003SXUGXW” target=”_blank” ]incase Case[/amazon_link], which I have since exchanged for the [amazon_link id=”B003CGMQ38″ target=”_blank” ]Apple ipad case[/amazon_link].

Caffeine Line

Even having reserved the ipad, on release day all still had to wait in line to get one.  The line was not an unpleasant one, with lots of similarly minded upbeat geeks also excited about the release.

The line did move pretty quickly, with brightly shirted apple minions passing out water and [amazon_link id=”B003GTR8IO” target=”_blank” ]Starbucks[/amazon_link] baristas in the vicinity to feed our caffeine habits.

Once inside, it was minutes until the box with a reserved sticker was in my hands and only a few minutes more to be out the door with apple bag slung over my shoulder.

About the Packaging

  • White box with picture of the ipad on top about the size of the ipad in length and width but about 2.5 inches deep.
  • Very light yet solid cardboard box covered with clear plastic (Nice enough to use the box for a misleading gift or to keep for small storage)


  • Ipad on top.
  • Box labeled Designed by Apple in California containing
  1. operation guide
  2. Legal information
  3. Apple stickers (usually only included with Apple computer products so Apple must consider ipad a computer)
  • Standard usb to ipod connector
  • 10 watt usb charger (double the standard usb power so should be two times faster than charging by connecting to a computer)

First Boot

Before turning it on, I remove the plastic, revealing a beautiful screen.  Aside from the home button, there are no other buttons on the face or back of the ipad.  Steve Jobs’ hatred of buttons has created a thing of beauty.

I haven’t yet purchased a dock because none of the cases work with a dock. Do you know of one?

When I push the power button on the top spine, the apple logo comes on the screen, dead center, just like an iphone, and then the ipad indicates it needs to be plugged into a computer.


Before I had the apple cover, I had the rubbery black Incase ipad cover.

  • Pros
  1. makes the [amazon_link id=”B00365F6G4″ target=”_blank” ]ipad[/amazon_link] feel easier to grip.
  2. Rubbery “feet” keep the ipad stable on a surface instead of rocking.
  • Cons
  1. Adds a little weight.
  2. It also covers the Apple logo.
  3. The stand only works horizontally.

Super Gadget Guy

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