I welcome all inquiries from potential advertisers. Please contact me at supergadgetguy [at] gmail (dot) com for more details.

Gadget and Product Review:

I would be glad to review your gadget gear, whether computer or consumer electronic related, I will unbox and review it. I will give the product an honest review. Send me an email at supergadgetguy [at] gmail (dot) com to get started.

(As a point of emphasis… this is not a guarantee of a positive review, only an offer to have a review with my honest opinion.)

If you send me gadget(s) or product(s) to review, please make sure to send it with prepaid return mailing stickers/documents.  Otherwise, I will assume the item(s) do not need to be returned to you.

Banner Ads:

Column width ads (180 wide and under) in the right hand column are available for sponsorship. Please contact me for pricing details.


If I have whitespace and you would like to advertise in it, then send me a proposal.