A Gift For My Wife: Unboxing 2010 Macbook Air 11.6 ”

There was another Apple event and Steve Jobs announced some cool new gadgets.  Among them was the new [amazon_link id=”B0047DVVVI” target=”_blank” ]11.6” Macbook Air[/amazon_link], a computer that my wife has been waiting for all the time that I’ve known her.  I think there were tears in her eyes when he announced it.  Today, I’ll unbox that new Macbook Air 11.6” model which I got for my wife.

The specs are:

  • 1.4 GHz core 2 duo processor
  • 2 GB of RAM, the max available day 2 of release at the Apple Store. (They would have the [amazon_link id=”B00487X27O” target=”_blank” ]4 GB model[/amazon_link] at the Apple Store soon, but she doesn’t need the space.)

Looking at the box:

On the front of the box is a side view of the Air with a black background, very sleek. The sides have the apple logo.  The back of the box describes the specs of the computer.

Unboxing Time

I remove the plastic and slide the box top off to reveal the Air underneath and nice black padding on the inside of the top box. Under the computer is a black tray which holds two key items:

  • The black “designed by apple in California” package containing paperwork and the software reinstall drive USB key.  Apple should sell blank Apple USB drives in their stores.
  • The Power adapter and extension cord.

As usual, apple has provided a simple design for packaging which functions well and looks really nice.

Looking at the Air

  1. Similar unibody design to [amazon_link id=”B003G2ZKLS” target=”_blank” ]MacBook Pro[/amazon_link]
  2. Power adapter like previous generation of Air.
  3. Left side only has power adapter, usb port, and headphone jack
  4. No battery status indicator
  5. Full size keyboard.

Comparing to other Products

  1. [amazon_link id=”B002M3SOC4″ target=”_blank” ]iphone 3GS[/amazon_link]: Appears similar thickness in the back and much thinner in the front
  2. [amazon_link id=”B00365F6G4″ target=”_blank” ]ipad[/amazon_link]: Similar weight and thickness
  3. [amazon_link id=”B003G2ZKLS” target=”_blank” ]15” MacBook Pro[/amazon_link]: smaller and much less bulky
  4. [amazon_link id=”B001EYV9TM” target=”_blank” ]Acer A150[/amazon_link] (this netbook was $349 at release): larger screen, slimmer, and full size keyboard makes Air far superior product than 8.9” screen and small keyboard


  • Very light weight but solid construction
  • Easy to carry, my wife might not even realize she has it in her bag
  • Only downside is that the frame of the screen is thick.

Verdict: She’s going to love it! 

Super Gadget Guy

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